Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A womb with a view

We had a fantastic experience with Duke Perinatal last week, even though I was not far enough along to have the full Level 2 Ultrasound. First, they sat us down with a genetic counselor and spoke much more in depth about our nuchal translucency test results. Just to recap, the baby's measurements were good it was my blood work that messed up our results. The counselor also told us that our Trisomy 13/18 screening (a more serious condition than downs) came back with great numbers.

I think this was our longest ultrasound yet. And can I just say that Duke's facility is posh---warm jelly posh! They even have a monitor set up on the wall opposite the gurney I was laying on so Dave and I could watch in comfort. I'm making it sound like I normally get my sonograms done by a crazy homeless man in the woods huh?

In other news, someone needs to stop me from making crack cocaine jokes during my ultrasound when the tech remarks on how hyper the baby is. I think this is related to my habit of making heroine jokes while blood is being drawn, such is the pride I take in how prominent my veins are. But the crack joke during the ultrasound, I've done it twice now. I think I need some new material.

Most exciting news of all is that we have a better idea of the baby's gender now. Nothing is carved in stone and we haven't slapped paint on the nursery walls or anything, but we have a real indication. And for now it will remain a well guarded secret until we can confirm at the end of October.

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