Thursday, October 2, 2008

3-D Bean

Dave and I went to the doc for a nuchal translucency screening to test for any chromosomal abnormalities yesterday. Our numbers look good, which is a relief.

I'm already impressed with how well behaved our little person is. At first, the bean was squirming away from the doc and I was thinking we might either have to put off the testing or just not test at all. But once the doc started calling the baby names like, " little turkey," the bambino started cooperating. So note to self: when trying to get this kid to do what you want, call it harmless bird-related names. Also, note to baby: show us your private parts at the end of October ok? It's very hard to think of multiple ways to say "genderless baby" without calling you an "it". Don't make me pull out my bird identification book!

But even greater news than that is that the bean has two arms and two legs! Our little fetus has an intact abdominal wall and skull and a little bum! These are the clearest images we've seen in three ultrasounds, so it was a very exciting day indeed.

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