Friday, June 29, 2012

Snake boots

I don't know how this picture never made its way on to my blog before.  It's one of my favorites.  North and I donning our best snake battling gear in front of our house.  I remember this day.  North is looking at a huge concrete truck precariously parked on our driveway during our drainage renovation.  That's why we're standing in dirt.  We pulled up all of the brick pavers and had rock-stamped concrete put in.

This was taken in the early summer of 2010, which was a bad year for copperheads on our property.  Six of them met their end with a shovel.  I normally leave snakes alone, but after a copperhead bit our dog, Jake in 2008, I have become a copperhead murderer.  They are beautiful and I do admire them, but I cannot share my land with them.  Afterall, I have a little boy in froggy boots to protect.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OBX Trip

Through the kindness of Nanny and Poppy who kept North for the night, Dave and I enjoyed 24 hours free to roam around Buxton, NC. After some coffee and an Apple Ugly at Orange Blossom Bakery, we rode our bikes to the Hatteras Lighthouse.

Then we strolled along the beach looking for shells to make Christmas ornaments for our tree this year.

Nothing like an arm extension shot with a cute little boy in pink sunglasses to make your heart smile.

We met some new friends at the Old Gray House in Buxton and North loved exploring the gardens out back. I will never go to the OBX without a stop by to visit Dewey and Mary, they are one of the greatest treasures of the island.

Being that this trip was in May, the water was still COLD! Fortunately, we'll be back in a few months to do a bit more swimming and exploring.