Friday, June 29, 2012

Snake boots

I don't know how this picture never made its way on to my blog before.  It's one of my favorites.  North and I donning our best snake battling gear in front of our house.  I remember this day.  North is looking at a huge concrete truck precariously parked on our driveway during our drainage renovation.  That's why we're standing in dirt.  We pulled up all of the brick pavers and had rock-stamped concrete put in.

This was taken in the early summer of 2010, which was a bad year for copperheads on our property.  Six of them met their end with a shovel.  I normally leave snakes alone, but after a copperhead bit our dog, Jake in 2008, I have become a copperhead murderer.  They are beautiful and I do admire them, but I cannot share my land with them.  Afterall, I have a little boy in froggy boots to protect.

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