Thursday, November 11, 2010

1 Year 7 Months

Dear North,

Every month that goes by becomes our new favorite version of you. In the past month, your comprehension of what we are saying is more obvious than ever. You delight in pointing to body parts as we call them out to you. Chores are made more enjoyable with you as a helper, eager to follow our directions. Even being told no is more acceptable lately as long as we explain the reasoning behind the denial. With the chill in the air, you often grab a book and a blanket and plop down in the nearest lap for story time. Maybe being stuck indoors for the winter won't be so bad after all?

Left to your own devices, I can normally find you surfing the internets, squirting the cat (or any object really) with the spray bottle or moving a chair across the living room to access the light switch. Occasionally, you even touch your actual toys. You take them out one by one, pile them in a new location and then carefully put them back in your toy bin. I do not know where you get your OCD from though.

The other day as we played with blocks in the living room, I caught myself staring at you and studying your every feature. Had you noticed my glazed over eyes and strange smile, it might have freaked you out. You are our little boy! It's a stupidly simple realization that occurs to me less frequently as I allow myself to get caught up in meaningless day to day activities of life. But in that moment, I recaptured some of the awe I felt holding you in my arms those first minutes of your life. I promise to open myself up to that amazement more often. But I cannot promise that I won't smother you with kisses as a result.