Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Damn, I really thought today was the day.  Contractions started last night around 6:00 PM and I tracked them through the night using the Contraction Master. (My helpful tip if you plan on using this application though---put a temporary sticker on your "S" key.  That little sucker is hard to find around 3:00 AM when you're half asleep and not wearing your glasses.  Other than that, this method is a lot easier than the stop watch, pen & paper method.  And there's even an iPhone application for all you nerdheads out there.)

I have never been so happy to see the light of day as I was this morning.  I guess I find solace in knowing I could call my OB's office during the daytime.  Whereas, feeling confident enough in my progress to go to the hospital in the middle of the night seems so foreign.  I almost welcome an induction at this point if that means I can avoid having to time contractions in the dark again.  Talk about a lonely experience, even with a sleeping husband lying right beside you on the couch.

North, this is your mother----I order you to give off whatever stress hormones necessary to kick start my body into labor.  A friend pointed out that you are not even born yet and you are already a tease.  You don't want your reputation to precede you do you?

OK, I called the OB and they want to check me out.  Stay tuned!

Edited to add:  3 cm dilated, thinned out, negative 1 station.  Doctor said the contractions needed to be 5 minutes apart for 1 minute durations  over the course of a 1 hour interval.  That happened while we were at the OB's office.  Since coming home and downing some lasagna and a root beer float, they're now on 4-1-1 levels.  I think we're headed to the hospital soon.  I feel like this kind of pain needs some medical professionals present to witness it.


Hezzer said...

I'm sitting here clapping my hands like a monkey.

Michele said...

and....???? Is it a good sign you haven't written an update???

Anonymous said...

Don't eat anything you don't mind throwing back up.