Thursday, June 4, 2009

North takes on the Atlantic

We packed up the car and headed east to Atlantic Beach last weekend for a quick overnight trip.  I'm still laughing that North's suitcase was a tiny toiletry bag stuffed in with my clothes.  We kept baby gear to a very minimal level (car seat, stroller and boppy were all we brought).  At his age, he doesn't require a whole lot of stuff, which is why we are trying to take advantage of the simplicity we still have while we can.

Once we arrived to the modest oceanfront motor lodge, we threw our stuff into the room and headed out to the beach before the storm headed our way ate up the sunshine.  The storm passed over us, so we walked down the beach a little way to the fishing pier and snapped some shots.

Being late May, the water was cold and only lunatics, northerners and drunks chose to submerge themselves in that chilly bath.  So we dunked our son's tiny toes into it.  He cried only minimally and pulled up his monkey legs.  But he seemed to tolerate the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean standing atop his daddy's feet much better.
That night we cooked shrimp and scallops on the grill at the hotel and listened to the sound of the waves.  Although we listen to North's white noise machine on wave setting every night, there is no substitute for the real deal.

The next morning brought hot coffee, sunshine and another walk on the beach.  Oh and an adorable baby.  

Mommy and North relaxed on the hammocks at the motel before heading out to lunch at the Sanitary Restaurant.  With a name like Sanitary Restaurant, it has to of bacteria?  We have driven by it for years, but finally stopped on our way to Beaufort, NC.  The best hush puppies I have ever had for sure.  The shrimp burger was also quite delicious paired with an oven roasted sweet potato doused in cinnamon and butter.  Pictures of Daddy and North in matching Sanitary Restaurant t-shirts to follow.


Michele said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Savor these moments... and you are smart to travel now while the travel needs are minimal. Most people (like me) don't realize that until its too late ;-)

ereadp said...

hammock picture is adorable.
i'm so jealous about the hush puppies! did you also buy the sanitary restaurant beer glasses? they are awesome with that special frosting, making it look like they are cold right out of the dish washer!