Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's crafty

I finally finished the baby quilt I've been making for North over the last few weeks. I made it with four different fabrics (cotton, flannel, striped chenille as pictured and yellow velour on the back side) for a tactile effect that will teach him about different textures. That is my hope anyway. I bought the sock monkey fabric a few years ago and was supposed to make the world's most awesome camping blanket with it, but that never quite came to fruition. Fortunately, the sock monkeys were destined for an even better project years later.

It's nothing fancy pants (I can only sew square things) but I enjoyed the process of making this and thinking about our little boy the whole time. Sewing is very meditative and calming for me. Gosh, I can't wait until he pees and spits up all over this blanket!

Since we've got a yucky rainy weekend ahead of us, I'm going to make him some cloth wipes for changing his diapers. Because we're using cloth diapers, it just makes sense to use cloth wipes as well that way everything is thrown into the diaper pail to be washed at the same time. I have put so much time and research into this whole cloth diapering phenomenon and it may sound weird, but I am beyond excited to get started. So come on North, bring on the poopy diapers---Momma's ready!

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