Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gender fender bender

Remember when I said that we were going to find out the baby's gender today?  Yeah, I lied about that unintentionally, of course. Apparently, I do not possess the mind control ability I thought I did. Our appointment was just for a general check-up, not a sonogram. No matter how cutesy I tried to be with the doctor, he was not persuaded by my lacking charms.  He explained that we needed to have a good reason to warrant him performing another ultrasound. Because research suggests they are not exactly good for the baby, doctors do not like to "throw them around" as the doc put it.  Thinking back to the lessons of Sarah Palin, I mustered all of my cuteness energy and gave him the only reason I could think of, "we need another ultrasound so we can tell our friends and family the gender?" Yeah, not so much a good medical reason.  Although the doctor kind of chuckled at my weak attempt to win his sympathy, he was not swayed.

So we can try again in the beginning of December when we rotate through to a different doctor at the OB practice.  That appointment will be a general check up as well, with no ultrasound. So odds are not exactly on our side for finding out the sex then either.  But fear not!  I have been thinking up some much better medical-sounding reasons why the new doctor will need to check the baby with a sonogram specifically:  1) I pooped out what appears to be a baby arm, but flushed before I could confirm it.  I think it is wise that we look at the baby through your magical baby box machine to confirm all the limbs are present.  2) I swallowed my cat last week and while I'm familiar enough with anatomy to know that my stomach and my uterus are separate.  I think we should confirm that the cat hasn't clawed her way into my womb.  She gets lonely.  

Otherwise, I may have to call up Tom Cruise.  I seem to recall he bought an ultrasound machine when Katie Holmes was pregnant.  I don't know, maybe he rents it out or something?  I'm open to any other suggestions.  

Otherwise, looks like we'll just have to old-school it, which is exciting right?  The silver lining is that Dave and I have more of a unisex style going on anyway, so this won't slow us down in getting the nursery ready or purchasing baby gear.  Although I was annoyed earlier today about not finding out, that had more to do with not being able to share the news with everyone.  Tonight, I feel fine not knowing until birth. Maybe I'm just getting better at brainwashing myself.  But for now, I'm just happy that I've got a healthy bean living in my belly.

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