Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cherry poppin' meme

There is a thing called a "meme" that "bloggers" do on the "internets" when they get "tagged." Got all that? In other words, friends send out lists of questions they'd like other friends to answer to see what their answers are. My friend Callie, mother to the most adorable baby in the world that I would like to put in my pocket, recently tagged me on a meme. So here goes nothing!

I am: sad that it's Sunday night and tomorrow is the beginning of a new work week. Not to get all Garfield on you (because Garfield also has a severe disdain for Mondays as well), but Mondays make me want to sleep in my suspiciously litter box-shaped bed and eat lasagna all day just like that comic cat. Speaking of which, I don't seem to remember Garfield ever using the litter box. The cat eats lasagna for Pete's sake---surely that would cause him to use the litter box at some point! You're asking for a lot of suspended disbelief on the part of your readers Jim Davis.

I know: that it was stupid to talk about Garfield up above. Now everyone is going to think I have lame taste in comics. People will assume I crack up laughing at Cathy and Family Circus comics now that I've expressed a deep rooted familiarity with all things Garfield. Nonetheless, when I told Dave I was pregnant, I wrapped up 2 of my positive pregnancy tests in Family Circus comic strips because it seemed festive at the time.

I won: many first place ribbons when I was on the swim team in 1981. Granted I was only six and competing against myself, but I still won. So I'm pretty sure I know exactly what Michael Phelps success felt like at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 because I've lived it.

I have: lovingly saved all of those first place swim ribbons in a scrapbook I made when I was about 11. Apparently, my accomplishments at 6 were pretty important to me. I just pulled the battered scrapbook out to check the date on the ribbons and discovered I also collected matchbooks. Note to self: keep an eye on your kid if he start collecting matchbooks because he's probably up to no good just like you.

I hate: that I'm not a kid anymore. It seems like I wasted my childhood by spending all my time wishing I was older. So I hope to be able to rekindle some of my inner child while raising my little boy.

I miss: living close to my family. Who knew that the 80s hair band Cinderella would sum it up so perfectly by scream-crooning, "don't know what you got till it's gone." So true Cinderella, so true. Also, I can't believe anyone ever took you seriously with a band name like Cinderella. Were the other good Disney character band names already used up?

I feel: my little boy karate chopping me in the belly button as I type this. One day I will zurbert him in his belly button in the name of revenge

I hear: Ladysmith Black Mambazo playing on my favorite internet radio called Radio Paradise that I stream through iTunes. Paul Simon worked with them on the Graceland album. Although I can't understand what they're singing about, listening to them fills me with joy every time.

I smell: the bleach residue left on my hands from scouring my stove this morning. These days when I finish tasks like that I get all sentimental thinking in my head, "this may be the last time i scour my stove before the baby arrives." Yes, that's right. I find myself creating ridiculous amounts of meaning out of mundane household chores. Last week, I may have started weeping while cleaning behind our toilet for what might be the last time.

I crave: a piece of wedding cake, which sounds really specific now that I type it out. As if a regular piece of cake wouldn't do and the cake I desire needs to be first mushed into a bride's face to appease my craving. When really, let's face it, I'm pregnant. A piece of cake that my older brother licked or claimed to have farted on in an effort to mark it as his when we were kids would probably be pretty delicious to me right about now.

I search: for ways to make people laugh often at my own expense.

I love: the sweet little life that my husband and I have built together. I never expected to find this kind of happiness and I hope to never take it for granted.

I care: deeply about how our actions today impact the future of our children. This is my driving force to put forth the effort in any given task like water conservation, composting or recycling even when it seems like a lot more work for me in the long run. I hope to teach my child these lessons so they become not the exception but the rule.

I always: interrupt my husband and I would like to publicly apologize to him right now. It's a bad habit and I'm a very bad person. I'm sorry.

I believe: that man is inherently good.

I sing: in weird voices to amuse my husband while I work in the kitchen. At least I like to think that it amuses him. Perhaps it annoys him and he secretly wishes I would stop and lays awake at night wishing he had married a normal girl. Naaaa

I write: emails to people that I never send. Sometimes writing things out helps me make sense of the jumbled thoughts floating around in my head. But I'd feel bad actually sending it to someone and asking them to read all of that crap.

I lose: my temper often in traffic and I hope I am not teaching the baby any bad habits or blue words.

I never: say never now because life can always throw an unexpected twist at you. But I've gotten pretty good at eating crow over the years too.

I listen: to the advice of my elders more now than when I was younger. Sometimes I'm even smart enough to follow it.

I am scared of: losing my loved ones. I can't even think about it without tearing up...

I need: to go blow my nose now. Thanks last question

I am happy: that I am surrounded by people I love.

Wow, this was fun, thanks for tagging me on this Callie. I laughed, I cried, I ate chocolate chips while filling it out. Now I'd like to tag my friend Jenny to enjoy it as well.

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Nate's Mama said...

I had no idea those things were called memes! I feel like an internet hick now. ;)