Monday, October 26, 2009

And the winner is....

So this whole blog contest thing was probably not my best thought out plan. Even though North did pick the winner's name a little while ago, I now have to ask that person to send me her address so I can mail out her grab bag of happy things. It also never occurred to me that a six month old baby would not really understand the concept of picking a name out of a hat. I mean, I explained it to him in very simple terms and he looked at me the whole time as if he was listening while sucking on his fists, so I thought we were good. The first run through took a good five minutes for him to drop the pile of paper he grabbed from the hat. For such little hands, he can fit quite a few slips of paper in them! But all of that effort was for naught and the winner of the trial run through was my mom. Although she deserves a prize every single day for all that she's done for us, this blog is more of a gift to her than anything I could buy in a store. Right mom?....ahem. Mom?

So I had North pick a new winner---Melissa! Oh, I also loved your idea about writing a post about non-essential baby items and it looks like you'll need this info sooner rather than later. I hope to get that on the blog soon for you. Congratulations! (I mean this more on that beautiful belly than for this silly little contest!)


Jessica said...

Everyone is a winner when you put up a video of North!
Oh man I LOVE his little rubber band wrists!!! (you know the little chubby crease that looks like there is a rubber band there.)
And I love how he smiled when you started clapping. Such a cutie.


Melissa said...

A winner of chocolate, gummi bears, and notecards! All of which were put to great use. My husbands fave chocolate, my favorite gummis, and notecards just in time for some baby gifts we've recieved! Thank you thank you thank you!