Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach and beer

For those keeping score at home, North is winning the War on Sleep. I'm not complaining, just stating facts. I now think that he is teething. But what I think changes every day. Have you noticed? I'm sure next week I will be convinced that the feng shui of the room is making sleep impossible for him or that his mullet is keeping him from sleeping.

In other news, we are headed to the Outer Banks this afternoon to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends. We're going down a day early because of the most delicious lemongrass wheat beer in the world sold at this Outer Banks Brewing Station. Per their website, they are America's first wind powered brew pub. The restaurant space doubles as a stage for bands to play at night. While guests enjoy their meal, they are free to marvel at the brewing equipment visible through windows adjacent to the lower dining room. It's a cool place to check out if you find yourself in the neighborhood. Even if you just pop your head in to use the bathroom (decorated in repurposed romance novel covers) or to buy a growler of beer. The food is delicious, but the beer, the beer is amazing.

I'll leave you with pictures of what our following days will be filled with.
Feet sucking!
Baby sharks!


Jessica Swesey said...

I sincerely wish you all the best in this war on sleep. We haven't even begun to get to a point of being able to have a plan or backup plan. Little one refuses to sleep in bassinet or crib, and now this past week apparently even our bed is not good enough for her. She only goes for an hour or 2 if we've really hit the jackpot. We're hoping to be able to at least get her used to the bassinet soon - as in now. This is way harder than I ever could've anticipated, and yet so much fun at the same time.

Jessica said...

I am so sorry North is giving you sleep trouble.
Henry was a terrible sleeper (and eater). He just turned 3. He is STILL a pretty bad sleeper and eater. They are who they are...

I feel your pain. And I KNOW how awful sleep deprivation can be. Hang in there!!!

Can't wait to see your beach pictures!