Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A time to nest

We're down to 60 days and all is well.  The novelty of pregnancy has officially worn off and yet I know I will miss being pregnant when little North arrives.  He's become my little buddy who's always with me wherever I go.  Even thinking about life without him living in my belly makes me sad and kind of lonely.  I have to admit though, there is something about being pregnant that is a little more "Aliens" than I expected.  

At first, the kicks and hiccups are the most adorable and amazing thing in the world.  Then the baby gets bigger and stronger and eventually those cute punches become painful and annoying. Plus, these punches and kicks come from within.  So there's a part of it that reminds me of being a little kid and my older brother chanting "don't punch yourself...why are you punching yourself?" while he overpowered my hands and made me repeatedly punch myself in the head. With these thoughts from my past, I envision my sweet baby inside me punching me in the butt and cracking himself up while he squeals, "don't punch yourself...why are you punching yourself in the butt mommy?"

Preparation is still underway in the Killer household.  Between taking breastfeeding and cloth diapering classes over the last few weeks, we're slowly educating ourselves on the important subjects of boobies and poopies. 

Meanwhile, my dear husband has taken to his own version of nesting. Two weeks ago, he ripped out the majority of the drywall to insulate what will be the master bedroom downstairs beside the nursery. Days before and armed with caulk and spray foam, he had been waging his own private war with the many drafts in our 1965 built house.  Of course, I poke fun at it now, but the truth is this project has needed to be done for some time.  And my nest builder has been working his tail off to make our house as warm and comfy as possible for his little boy.  Here's the progress so far:

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